Sometimes things don’t go the way you want at work or in your private life. What used to be easy suddenly turns out to be difficult and what you’ve always done seems to be counterproductive. Why is that? We will help you to find out the reasons for this.

It could be your career, your relationship with your colleagues or any other situation you are struggling with. We will work with what is there. We may end up with a different coaching question to the one you come to us with, for the very reason that this particular question is the one that’s currently on your mind, be it consciously or unconsciously.

During sessions, we will look at who you are, where you come from and what patterns go with it. How did you become who you are? This process is exciting, but also enjoyable. You will find out why you have certain qualities and, even if you take them for granted, they have to come from somewhere. If you become more aware of these traits, you will be able to make better use of them.

Coaching will give you more self-insight and broaden your view. We would really want to meet you and to have an effect on you. This can sometimes give rise to sadness, fear or guilt, which are not always comfortable or pleasant feelings: to the contrary, they can be rather uncomfortable. However, discomfort is necessary to start moving forward again, or for something to happen. As a coach, we will help you to find the courage to take the necessary steps and to move beyond fear, shame or sorrow. Incidentally, there is also laughter, because you’ll never get where you’re going without some lighter moments!

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